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Terms & Conditions would like our customers to understand and move forward with their orders after reading our terms and conditions very carefully as stated below.

Celebrities replica jackets.

Considering we are providing guaranteed quality product with the price range on our website, is selling celebrity jackets that are number one replica of the originals.

Hence, we are not selling celebrities original or branded jackets, as a result there will be a minor difference between the pictures on our website and what you will receive. This also applies to the other jackets on our site that are non-celebrity jackets.

Artificial fur lining material

Please be advised that we are only using faux fur. This is because some countries ban original fur, hence we only produce and deliver our products made from faux fur linings. This not only keeps us safe from high fines, but also protects our customers to face any legal issues.

No refunds & exchanges for wrong/incorrect size selection

In circumstances where a customer orders a wrong size or provides us with wrong measurements, than the customer is not eligible for any refunds, returns or exchanges. Please note that our quality control experts are providing services round the clock and the final product is properly checked before it leaves our facilities to be delivered to our customers.

If alteration or changes are required

Once the online order is placed, and in an event if customer would like to alter their order, we give our customers a 12-hour window to provide us with the proper specification of their final product(s). Once the 12-hour window is elapsed, we will not take any further alteration requests from our customers, as the product would already go through the process of production at this point.

Hence, we strongly recommend our customers to provide us with the correct specification and measurements for their final product on the first attempt while they place their orders or within 12 hours period of order placement.

Order cancellation terms

After placing the order, if customer decides to cancel their order while the order is not yet dispatched, a fee of 25% will not be refunded from the final price.

This fee is deducted, because we are in business of providing customized jackets and not ready-made jackets.

Therefore, if you cancel your order while the product is in process of production, a fee of 25% will be deducted from the final amount you paid us and the rest will be refunded.

Policy and terms of return or exchange

In an event if you are not satisfied with the quality of the final product that you have received, please contact our customer care center within 48 hours after receiving your product.  Make sure to inform them about your issues with the product and they will be happy to assist you further.

However, once you have received the product and 48 hours window have elapsed, you are not entitled to any claims, exchanges or refunds.

Moreover, in any circumstances, we will not accept any damage of defective products sent back to us for a return or exchange.

We strongly recommend our customers to contact us in timely fashion via email or phone for any inconvenience they may have.

Finally, we will not accommodate any return or exchanges for product(s) from our customers that are not saleable or is not in its original condition.

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