Famous-Celebrity Jackets

We all just do our best to attempt the fashion adaptation from our favorite celebrity. These people are the trendsetters for apparel such as leather jackets, hairstyles, and various clothing. However, the most obvious apparel on the celebrities is their leather jackets which shows contrast in the rest of the clothing they wear. For example, […]

Distress Leather Jackets

Popularity of Distress Leather Jackets The distress fashioned has recently returned with the inspirations from your famous Hollywood celebrities, models, and rock stars, who rip their clothing while performing. People get inspired and willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy distressed leather jackets this keeps the trend going on for decades. At JacketGuys, you […]

Biker Leather Jackets

If you are the proud owner of a motorcycle, no matter if it is a chopper-style or a Harley Davidson, or a street bike we have all set up for you to make a perfect attire for your journey on the road. The proper jacket will make your trip more comfortable and will provide highest […]

Leather Bomber Jackets

Leather Bomber Jackets The leather bomber jacket originated over a century ago. This is the time in 1900’s flight crew wore thick warm leather jackets, which served the purpose of winter jackets and coats. They chose various colors such as black, tan brown or dark brown as these were the trendy colors back than and […]