Due to long term relation and reliable relationship with our valued customers, we have courtesy policy of 30 days return and exchange. We have been in the industry for quite a while and have experienced that the most of the returns are due to incorrect size selection from our customers. Therefore, to reduce this issue, we strongly advise our customers to choose the correct size upon the first attempt of order placement. We also encourage our customers to refer to our size selection chart before making their selection and finalizing their orders.

Once the order is placed and customer decides change his/her mind before and after the jacket has been shipped to the recipient’s address, we will accept the request provided the return request is not fraudulent and non-legitimate matters.

Refunds and exchanges are accommodated only under following situations: –

  1. Return and Exchange policy is only valid up to 20 days from the date of purchase.
  2. The product comes as a defected piece at your delivery spot.
  3. If your order doesn’t match your description as per your initial order, for example you selected a medium size jacket but you received an incorrect size or if you ordered a black colour jacket but received a different colour.
  4. The jacket is not the same as you order. Totally different from your selected one. (all jackets may be different from the showing pictures because of photo shoot effects or they are Celebs Replica)
  5. Custom size jackets & custom changes in jackets like different colour and material selection; these jackets are non-refundable.
  6. Jacket must be returned in the same new condition. It shouldn’t be damaged, No Tags removed, Torn, Jagged or Grubby. Damaged jackets will not be accepted.
  7. You have to send us delivered product pictures on demand.
  8. Return and exchange will only be accepted if the products are returned at the address provided by Jacket Guys team.
  9. To maintain a good relation with our customers, we may offer partial refund to please them.

Before you decide to return or exchange the product you received, you must first contact with our support representative and provide the detail reason of return or exchange. Once we have approved your request then you may ship the product back to us.

Return Shipping Cost

Customers are responsible for the returns shipping charges if they don’t want our product. We do not bear return shipping cost in any case unless the item is faulty.

Secondly! unless a faulty item is received, we issue refunds after deducting shipping costs even if it is FREE as we pay for the shipping. We are doing it as like eBay and Amazon do, because we already spend $25 to $50 in shipping depending on customer’s location and weight of the package.

We only accept return through the service which we sent the package. For example, we send the package through DHL or FedEx to the customer then we only accept return through DHL or FedEx with a tracking ID which is MUST, because we do not want to wait for our product for a period of more than 10 Days. Other third rated courier services are not accepted which are cheap in rates and too slow in deliveries.

If we get the Item after 10 days of it’s return then we have the right to deduct 15% of the total amount of order as we lose many potential customers because of this delay which is made by the customer. If we get it after 20 days then we deduct 30%. After 30 days we deduct 60% and more than 30 days we will deduct 75% of the actual amount.
If the returning parcel is misplaced then we are not bound to make any refund at all.

In case Jacket Guys is unable to deliver your order or delayed the order by 30 working days or we cannot resolve the issue and you still wish to get a refund, you are justified to get a refund accordingly.
If it is recognized that the shipped product never reached you, we owe you a full refund.