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Showing 1–20 of 31 results

Coats & Blazers For Men

Party and Formal Wear Blazers and Coats


Our leather coats and blazers will make you fashionable and a trendsetter at both formal and casual occasions. Leather has been a classic fabric for clothing for a very long time. The many designs and types it went on to adopt include gladiator armors and biker clothing, to name just two. Several style and security enhancements have been implemented in this content. One of the many more categories that cover men’s leather jackets Men’s leather accessories are perfect for wearing with formal attire since they keep you warm and maintain your professional image, especially in the winter.


If you want something cosy that covers your complete body, get a mens leather trench coat. If it’s water-resistant, it will protect you from the rain as well as the frigid wind. People favour it because it looks quick and simple and is useful for daily commuting. Finally, in extremely cold temperatures, the leather mens long coats with an interior fur lining are cosier than the others.


A selection of leather coats for men is available at JacketGuys. If you’d rather have it in the blazer style, we also have a men’s brown leather blazer available. This line also offers excellent leather duster coats.


So why are you still waiting? Move swiftly. Get ready for winter in style by collecting a few leather coats