Popularity of Distress Leather Jackets

The distress fashioned has recently returned with the inspirations from your famous Hollywood celebrities, models, and rock stars, who rip their clothing while performing. People get inspired and willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy distressed leather jackets this keeps the trend going on for decades. At JacketGuys, you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars anymore, as our distress-looking jackets are available at a very low cost, yet maintaining the quality of our leather distress look. We are able to keep our cost low due to our automated types of machinery operated by our experts, who not only operate the machines but also perfectly design and craft the leather most professionally and finely manner.

Our distressed leather not only looks aged and rugged, but it only gets stylish and robust at its ages with time. This timeless quality of our leather works equally and perfectly in all colors from black, brown, tan brown, blue, burgundy, maroon to orange.

Why Distressing Your Leather Is Worth It

Before we distress our leather, we examine the color and the final look, we then professionally apply our distress material to our leather jackets to give a robust and rugged look. The distressed look on leather jackets has been adopted by every generation as it suits all age groups and genders. The other reason having a distressed look on your jacket will not only make you look like a young adult, but it will also make you feel like a young adult.

The jacket with minimal design looks more stunning on women and men. With this design, while women’s leather jacket is slightly having different tailoring style, you can look more cooler with the distress look. The women cropped leather jacket gives more rebellious look on distress structure than men’s distress leather jacket.

Our distress leather jackets come in various shapes such as biker distress leather jackets, café racer leather jackets, bomber leather jackets, slim fit distress leather jackets, and so on.

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