Leather Bomber Jackets

The leather bomber jacket originated over a century ago. This is the time in 1900’s flight crew wore thick warm leather jackets, which served the purpose of winter jackets and coats. They chose various colors such as black, tan brown or dark brown as these were the trendy colors back than and even now. The purpose of wearing warm bomber leather jackets with fur lining, was due to the fact that there was no pressurized cabins so high attitude would expose the crews to extremely cold temperatures. This was the true fact for both men and women flight crew, as the leather jackets came in perfect sizes for both the genders to protect them from such high-altitude cold temperatures. So keeping those criteria in mind, JacketGuys have excelled in producing all kinds of leather jackets with fur lining with hoods for those who are in to skiing in the mountains where the temperatures are extremely cold due to high altitude. Our ladies, gents, men and women leather jackets will serve all-purpose to the extent that one is looking to have for their needs.

Leather Bomber Jackets Vs Modern Styles and the Differences.

Back in 1917 U.S and German Army launched Aviation Clothing Board, the task was to distribute all kinds of distressed or plain leather jackets to the crew. Most of the crew considered wearing collars with fur lining and jackets made with heavy duty leather. As time passed there were many factories started producing countless other leather bomber jackets in various colors. They came in various colors and styles, such as white for navy, blue, brown, tan brown, black, green and so on. Therefore, we are following the same tradition of production and JacketGuys would like to announce that we produce all kinds of leather jackets for men and women, in all styles such as bomber, biker, army, winter leather jackets. We are also expert in making suede leather jackets. Our suede leather comes in three famous colors such as black, brown and tan brown.

The difference

The Leather Bomber Jackets share several similarities with modern style leather jackets. Both are made using genuine leather such as cowhide and sheepskin leather, and most importantly heavy duty leather. At JacketGuys you can purchase both the jackets at custom sizes.  The main difference is that the unique bomber leather jacket has high level of warmth. All other jackets can protect you from cold temperatures by insulating your body and will result in minimal loss of thermal energy. The bomber leather jacket will go beyond this level to protect you from the extreme cold chills. At JacketGuys, you have the flexibility of choices such as we also manufacture hooded bomber leather jackets that will give you full protection of your head from cold weather.

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