If you are the proud owner of a motorcycle, no matter if it is a chopper-style or a Harley Davidson, or a street bike we have all set up for you to make a perfect attire for your journey on the road. The proper jacket will make your trip more comfortable and will provide highest level of security and safety. If this is your first-time shopping for a biker jacket, you will have to keep in mind few things:

Importance of Motorcycle Jackets

Before we jump into the features of biker jackets, let’s talk about the significance of wearing a biker jacket while on the road. Biker jackets should not only be worn to protect yourself from extreme temperatures such as during the cold season, but there are other reasons to wear them such as protecting your body to get injured from fatal collision, which can be worse than Collison of cars or trucks.

Wearing a motorcycle jacket will not guarantee any major physical damage to your body, however, it will certainly help you to some extent. The thick padding on the shoulder of some biker jackets for men and women sold at JacketGuys will certainly keep you safe from major injuries, however, it all depends on the extent of accidents that one might face. This is why you have seen riders are well equipped with proper leather jacket attire no matter how warm the weather is, they know the importance of protecting them from injuries.

Another reason why biker jackets are important is when riders want to spread awareness of their logo and the company embroidered into their jackets. This way riders are able to make their potential brand name famous by having the patches of the logos on their leather biker or leather motorcycle jackets for men and women.

The Motorcycle and Biker Leather Jackets at JacketGuys.

At JacketGuys, you will find a range of styles and materials for biker jackets. The leather jackets have been worn by motorcyclists for decades, and it is very unlikely that this trend will ever go away. We must ask ourselves a question that why it is so important to have a good choice of material for your motorcycle Jacket? As discussed above it is mainly worn to protect ourselves from major injuries. So, for example, if someone falls off wearing a non-leather jacket such as a cotton or woolen jacket, polyester, etc, the protection will be very minimal versus protection from wearing a leather biker jacket. So at JacketGuys, we manufacture our jackets not only from Cowhide or Sheepskin leather, but we also use Heavy Duty leather material for your safety and protection.

Moreover, our inner lining material is viscose, unless you are ordering a winter jacket for which we use fur lining to protect your body from extremely cold temperatures.

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