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Our Core Values

The JacketGuys is the hub of premium quality leather products. Our objective is to create the toughest yet soft looking leather products in the world. Each of our leather categories such as blazer, jacket, coat and etc. are carefully hand-made by our experienced leather craftsmen who put their time and warmth ensuring quality products are produced. The JacketGuys is a team work of our creative craftsmen and sales persons who ensure that customers are fully satisfied of what they receive at their door steps. Our quality experts put their second set of expertise who enables JacketGuys to keep up with their quality and 100% customer satisfaction at all times. Not only that our designers design our products with the philosophy of keeping the trends of the new world, while our craftsmen fusion the style of the old times into a single stunning looking product. We believe in our products firmly and convey to our customers that “it’s not a jacket, it’s the jacket!”

We choose premium quality sheepskin and cowhide leather found in the market and mold it using our innovative machineries and tools and put the muscles in professional stitching while guaranteeing durability and retaining the shape of our products for life time.

We Challenge The Status Quo

Our jackets break the norms what is offered in the market. We focus on customization as per customers needs, this gives us the creativity of doing things differently.

We Keep Promises

We believe in "Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep"

We Behave Ethically & Fairly

The message to our workers is "Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.

We Take Responsiblity

Responsibility is not only accepting that you are the cause, it is also accepting that you are the solution of the matter.

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